Tree Surgeons

We have an urgent position as “ TREE SURGEONS “ -5 NOS to be based in NEW ZEALAND with a leading COMPANY. You as an arborist, tree surgeon, or (less commonly) arbor culturist, will be responsible for all aspects of tree surgery, from projects as small as planting saplings to reducing the size of an overgrown tree.
Common duties include pruning trees, fertilizing them and planting new ones. If trees are damaged, tree surgeons remove the dead wood in a manner that doesn’t harm the rest of the tree. Create braces, as necessary, to help trees remain structurally sound. Arborists are responsible for treating trees for damage caused by poor environmental conditions, insects or fungus. Some arborists and tree surgeons work with construction companies to preserve existing trees on construction sites.
Minimum 5-10 years of experience. Salary NZ $ 45-55,000/- p.a . Nationality –ANY.
If you would be interested in working in NEW ZEALAND then kindly send your updated resume to the Email address below: naresh(at)personnelnetworkgroup.com